Unhappy motor home thanks to grumbines rv

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Last saturday was to be the happy pick up day for our new motor home. Our first ever we where excited after being there the week before and going over all items with the dealer on what needed fixed.

The week went buy with no calls from the dealer and saturday came we where at the dealer at 8:20 and ready for our 2 hour review of the home and then off we where to go so we thought! We meet a wonderful man to go over the coach with us . As we entered the coach we noticed a boot cuff on the side we noticed the week before. My wife noticed the glue left behind fron the tape still at the door. The floor tile where still cracked,the 2" wall paper strip over the slid out was still wrinkeled, a bulb in both the toilet and shower room where burned out, the brake controler wasn't on and the outside paint scratches where still there.

Well grumbines made up a we owe list and said they will work on the brake controled right a way. By this time it was close to 10. Closer to noon we where told 1 more hour. We went to costco to kill time and came back at 1:15. As we walked into the dealership they headed for the hills. We then where informed it would be closer to 3 till the coach would be done. My wife and daughter had to go so I waited till about 2:45 and it was done. Excited and knowing there where items still needed like the dishwasher I drove off for home.

I got home set up the coach we had some rain and then more issues happened. The privacy screen didn't go down all the way the windshield was leaking a rear compartment was wet.

I emailed the dealer and called them on monday to explain how I felt the coach wasn't gone over as it should have been for the money we spent. They did come back to pick up the unit and it's been a week with no coach and nothing fixed but the paint as of friday.

I wish i never bought this coach off Grumbines RV in harrisburg Pa.

The manager has not returned calls and I get the feeling that they have the money so who cares.

I know they won't refund my money but the right thing would be to do just that.

I understand not ever coach come off without issues but to get a list of items that need addressed the week before and do nothing or a call to tell us to come a week later is the part that pissed me off the most along with the issues when I got home.

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Know how u feel, took them a month to get to delivery, meaning I pick up, stuff still not done. I purchased 2/16/15, these guys avoid follow up,

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